Our Story

KISS THE GUN was born at Dave's place in Salisbury in January 2016, Dave and Graham wrote a song called Tainted Heart and in a couple of hours had a demo that was uploaded to Soundcloud. That demo got heard by someone who owned a studio and label, asked us to record an EP; the band was born and recorded at Smokehouse Studios in London on 22 and 23 April 2016.

A new line-up was announced in April 2017, the band released their debut album in October 2017 to much critical acclaim.

Abigail Austin was confirmed as our new singer in the summer of 2018 and the band is working on the second album and numerous upcoming performances.

Vocals – Abigail Austin: Abigail began performing at a young age, originally as a dancer, and taking singing lessons from the age of 10. She has taught dance in various schools in London and performed Musical Theatre professionally in several roles. Since relocating to Bournemouth Abigail has continued teaching and has been developing her solo projects and performing with local musicians.

Bass Guitar – Dave South: Dave started out aged 11 originally playing drums but swapped drums for a bass guitar when he joined his first serious band playing on the original NWOBHM circuit. In the 90s Dave changed direction, writing dance, club music and was signed to a record label, writing and recording in top studios around London. Dave then joined a number of local bands in Salisbury playing a mixture of covers and original material.

  • Gear: ESP B205SM 5 string and OLP Musicman 4 string Bass guitars, Ashdown Evo 150 combo amp, TC Electronic BG250 bass combo amp.




Drums (and trombone) – Rob Taylor: Rob has been playing drums for about 11 years. He recently moved back home after a 2 year stint playing trombone on cruise ships and is currently working as a semi-professional musician around the south of England. He finished his degree in classical music performance on tenor trombone at Trinity College of Music in 2014, so of course the natural progression was to join a rock band on drums!

Lead Guitar - Gerry Hearn: Gerry started learning to play aged 14 and was gigging just after his 15th birthday. He’s toured throughout Europe with bands ranging from 'Uriah Heep' to Freddie Starr as well as bands such as 'Unforgiven Kingdom', 'Lynchpin', and others including a Gary Moore tribute band. He’s also had a highly successful teaching career, his clients going on to play on the pub/club circuit but also on the worldwide stage, performing with artists such as Jessie J and Pixie Lott.

Rhythm Guitar – Graham Exton: Graham has been playing guitar for 30 years and has played in a number of original and cover bands, initially in the St Albans area and along the south coast of England after moving to Salisbury in the early 90s.

  • Gear: Nik Huber Krauster, Newtone strings - custom set, Dunlop Tortex 0.88mm plectrums, Vovox leads, Shure GLXD16, Marshall Bluesbreaker, Badcat Black Cat, THD Hotplate, Analogman Prince of Tone, Fulltone OCD v1.4, Marshall Guvnor, Flynn Amps Hawk Booster, Mooer Ninety Orange, Radial Twin-City. 
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